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As summer fades into fall change is afoot in Yellow Springs!  Antioch College has been in the news and on the airways this summer.  In an effort to keep you apprised of our rapidly changing landscape and the efforts of our Alumni Board and countless dedicated volunteers the Alumni Board and the College Office of Alumni Relations will be sending out these periodic newsletters. 

Antiochians Win Emmy Award

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Antiochians and Yellow Springs residents Julia Reichert '70 and Steven Bognar were awarded a Primetime Emmy for Exceptional Merit in Nonfiction Filmmaking for their documentary film "A Lion in the House".  Julia is a 1970 graduate of Antioch College and Steven is a former member of the College faculty.

In a phone interview Friday, Reichert gave credit toher Antioch education and work with WYSO for giving her the opportunity to explore her interest and film and sound. "I feel to my bones that I am who I am because of Antioch College.  I am one of those people that Antioch claimed and shaped."

"A LION IN THE HOUSE is a feature documentary spanning six years in the lives of five American families who each have a child fighting cancer.
  Weaving the stories of the five kids, their families and their caregivers, A LION IN THE HOUSE creates an extraordinaryand complex portrait of human resilience." View the full story from the Yellow Springs News hereor visit the film's website A Lion In The House to learn more.

Do you have an alumni news story to share, submit a class note on our website or contact your alumni office at

Alumni Board Newsflash 9/14/2007
 The Word of the Week is "Progress"

RAISING DOUGH: Our Revival fund has reached a total of $12 million in cash and pledges, an amount equal to the entire endowment of Bennington College. Donors have earmarked the money to be used only for the continuation of Antioch as a residential undergraduate College with a tenured faculty that is moving toward a system of self-governance.

DEVELOPING THE PLAN: In about a week, Dixie Maurer-Clemons and a team of alumni volunteers will widely circulate for comments and ideas a draft of the Antioch College Revitalization Business Plan. Alumni Board Treasurer Rick Daily, who is coordinating the development of the plan, stresses that "we want as many people as possible to see the draft and give input." Meanwhile, the Alumni Board is exploring the possibility of hiring a well-respected financial planner to help craft the final version.

SHARING THE PLAN: University Board of Trustees President Art Zucker will travel to Denver in early October to meet with Alumni Board President Nancy Crow and other Alumni Board members and Trustees. They'll discuss progress being made in the development of the Revitalization Plan. A formal presentation of the completed plan to the entire Board of Trustees is scheduled to take place in Yellow Springs the last weekend in October.

MOVING DEVELOPMENT: The Antioch College Development staff is not only being expanded, it is being given its own home - Weston Hall. Alums Ellen Borgersen and Matt Derr have been on campus these past two weeks working with Risa Grimes and the rest of the development staff.

TEACHING FROM LIFE: In the best tradition of Antioch College, faculty and students are using the current crisis as a learning tool. This weekend, September 14-16, faculty, alumni, staff and students will discuss, teach and learn about the organizing, planning, financing and research techniques that are being employed to address the current situation and to save Antioch.

Save Antioch Testimonials!

The Chicago chapter of the Alumni Association has been recording short "why Antioch matters" testimonials. Other chapters and Yellow Springs are recording them as well.

See Joe DuCanto '52 talk about the victories for humanity he has won with his Antioch education. Susan Greene '77 speaks about how Antioch defined her, and helped her health care consulting firm, and Shayna Plaut '00 describe how her Antioch education prepared her to teach students about human rights.

See the whole batch here - and subscribe to find out when new testimonials appear!
We welcome your feedbackon this newsletter. 

Aimee Lunde Maruyama '96
Editor & Director of Alumni Relations
Antioch College

Many thanks to Rowan Kaiser '05 and the Alumni Board Communications Team for their help in getting out this first issue.