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The video and article Antioch Confidential examines the closed control and destabilization of Antioch College by Antioch University. Antioch Confidential documents the damage to educational processes when “control” is mistaken for “leadership”, and “command” is confused with “vision.” The events taking place at Antioch College are a case study of recent trends in higher education today. The article and video are available for free use by librarians, teachers, educational workers and citizens concerned with the seizure of shared resources for private interests.

Tim Noble and Brian Springer
Research Staff, The Antioch Papers

Feb 27, 2008 Press Release At Project for a New American University


Antioch Confidential - The Article

Antioch Confidential

Antioch Confidential examines several documents that were until now Antioch University attorney-client privileged communications. What role has this confidentiality played in the health of a College that has functioned through a decades-old shared governance system, a governance system that has been integrated as a major component of its educational curriculum and that has historically brought students to the College?



2001 Ad Hoc Committee Report and Related Board Action Summary


Finance Committee Minutes May - June 2001

Antioch University Finance Committee Minutes May 31 and June 1, 2001


Investment Committee Minutes June 2001

Antioch University Board Of Trustees Investment Committee Minutes June 1, 2001


Closed Session Minutes May-June 2001

Antioch University Board of Trustees Annual Meeting Closed Session Minutes May 30 – June 2,2001 Keene, New Hampshire


Briefing Memorandum

Briefing Memorandum Antioch University Board of Trustees June 2, 2001


Email from Devine to McDonald

What is expected of Boards in higher education.


Executive Committee Minutes October, 2001

Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Antioch Board of Trustees October 1,2001, at Avon, CT


Spirit of '73

121 pages of interviews conducted by Kirsten Ervin as part of her 1991 Senior Project in Communications.

With: Phyllis Williams, Joyce Clayborn, Al Denman, Connie Gahagan, Virginia Garrett, Bill Houston, Jewell Graham, Kenneth Olson, Connie Pelekoudas, Nina Myatt, and John Ronsheim. Note: the pdf is bookmarked into individual interviews for better access

Improved Antioch Papers Search

Announcing Custom Google Search in the sidebar. You can now search the entire contents of this site—including the more than 5000 pages of pdf documents.

Antioch Budgets For Dummies

Given the recent accounting error by the University in which they projected their cash flow to be 30% worse then it actually is (see pg. 3), the researchers at The Antioch Papers have created “Antioch Budgets for Dummies” Intended for Antioch Trustees, Alumni, Workers, Students, and Community Members; ABD is a “tool-kit” they can use to make sure such accounting errors don’t occur in the future.

Antioch College Faculty Count and Student Enrollment 1997-2007

An archeological overview of student and faculty numbers covering the past decade available at this point, compiled by the Antioch Papers.

College and University Budgets and Reports to the Board–1960s to present

More than 4000 pages of documents in pdf form.

Village of Yellow Springs Resolution 2008-04

January 11- Village council resolution recognizing and supporting the efforts of the Antioch College Continuation Corporation (AC3) to avoid even a temporary closure of the college.

Faculty Lawsuit Dismissed, Serious Questions Remain

The Faculty has dismissed their lawsuit without prejudice, while asserting their participation in rebuilding efforts in accordance with their contracts. Serious questions are raised for the university administration to answer in a timely fashion.

McGregor Naming Opportunities

Bronze Level $25,000+
William Hooper Classroom
Donors: …

Dis"Continuation of College Operations"

November 9 – A letter from Interim Antioch College President Andrzej Bloch to College Faculty about the likely termination of their employment.

Steve Schwerner's Hard and Fast Economic Law

“If it is an asset, it belongs to the University; if it is a liability, it belongs to the College.”

McGregor Bond Document

The 78-page bond document which raised $13,795,000 for McGregor’s “Campus West”.

University Report to the BOT, Fall 2007

An Antioch Papers first, a document from the future! The Year-End Financial Statements for 2006-07 and First Quarter Performance of 2007-08 to be presented October 25-27, 2007. Presented to you in time to digest before the big show.

A Vote of Truth and Justice

Sept. 24 – UE Local 767 asks for the Board to address and for the Chancellor to explain (and apologize for) a set of “secretive, unethical and illegal acts.”

AAUP Letter to Murdock, Zucker, and Bloch

Sept. 19 – A letter detailing the heightened concerns of the American Association of University Professors towards Antioch University and Antioch College.

The Viable College and the Sisyphean Nightmare

This letter from College President Devine to Chancellor Hall states “the plan to charge depreciation to each campus is, for the College, the crushing blow. It renders the challenge of building a healthy and viable College a Sisyphean nightmare.” This plan would come into full force with University CFO Watts’ Drain The Pipes order.

Questions Regarding the Unusual Structure of the University.

May 7 – In a letter to University Chancellor Craiglow, former College President Bob Devine details the impact of the Drain The Pipes plan while asking “some ultimate questions regarding the unusual structure of the University.” This letter is followed by College faculty questions about Accountability and the Possible End of Antioch College

Accountability and the Possible End of Antioch College

December 9 – A letter from 10 faculty members of the College’s CIS Department to Chancellor Craiglow and CFO Watts. The letter ends with the sentence, “We are committed faculty who are worried that this lack of accountability may ultimately mean the end of Antioch College.” One possible beginning to this possible ending starts here

CG goes to New York

November 7 – Members of Community Government heard but ignored at Board of Trustees Executive Committee Meeting

Drain The Pipes

Drain the Pipes First Page

October 26 – This letter from Glenn Watts (University CFO) to Barbara Stewart (College CF0) begins the full implementation of the University’s Sisyphean plan for the College. Stewart resigned from her position a few weeks after receiving this letter. She is the last Antioch College CFO to date. The impact of the budget changes in this letter led former College President Bob Devine to ask these Questions Regarding the Unusual Structure of the University

Know Your Board of Trustees

Your resource guide for getting to know the voting members of the 2007/08 Antioch University Board of Trustees.

Invited Stakeholders Meeting Agenda

The agenda distributed to the “invited stakeholders” for the afternoon meeting with the BOT on August 25, 2007.

College Suspension Scenarios 1 and 2

May 31 – The future status of the College will be announced as either Scenario I (Permanent Closure) or Scenario II (Suspend Operations for 3 Years)

Data for Financial Planning Discussion

May 31 – A framework for discussing the past history of the College and the University’s future planning assumptions through 2014.

Closing the College Scenarios Financials

May 31 – Financial projections based on 3 assumptions, #1 being the Board declares that financial exigency exists at the College at the June BOT meeting

AAUP Letter of Concern to Antioch University

Aug. 7 – The American Association of University Professors responds to request for advice and assistance by Antioch College Faculty.

Budget Report to the Board of Trustees

June 7-9 – Includes the 2006-07 end of year projections, 2007-08 proposed budgets, and fiscal year 2008-12 capital budgets.

Board of Trustees and Executives: Expectations in Communication and Responsibilities

Oct. 26 – An essay by University Chancellor Toni Murdock that establishes a framework for discussing the Board’s operational style, communications patterns, and governance structure, including protocols for trustee/faculty interaction. Her bibliography makes no reference to Mort Rauh’s 1969 book.

Antioch University Self-Assessment

August 2002 – A 146-page self-study created by Antioch University for the 2002 National North Central Association (NCA) Re-accreditation Visit.

Antioch College Self-Assessment

Summer 2002 – A 124-page self-study created by Antioch College for the 2002 National North Central Association (NCA) Re-accreditation Visit.

Mort Rauh on Trusteeship - published in Antioch Notes

Morton A. Rauh, Vice-President Emeritus, literally wrote the book on trusteeship. In this issue of Antioch Notes, he suggests ways in which a college or university board can expand participation in decision-making.

"Had I the power, I would scatter libraries over the whole land, as the sower sows his wheat-field."
Horace Mann from a letter, in Education Vol.3 No.3 p.258
Jan 1883

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